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How to put Brandy Melville out of your own style?

brandy melville

Brandy Melville’s simple fashion

Brandy Melville’s minimalist style is a big hit in recent years. The seemingly ordinary pure color and simple models put on the upper body but have a smart youthful atmosphere. No wonder Brandy Melville has the magic power that makes people rush to.

Not every girl likes floral dresses, but everyone must have at least one pair of jeans! Overalls have recently become street fashion darlings again. Everyone wears jumpsuits, but how can one be stylish?

Image credit: Brandy Melville

A simple pair of one-piece jeans has a fascinating sense of playfulness, but if everyone is dressed like this, wouldn’t everyone be the same and lose their personal identification? It doesn’t matter, in fact, if you want to create a personal style, a small single product is enough. This magical item has amazing effect on clothes matching (OOTD), let’s take a look at it together\( ̄︶ ̄)/

The finishing touch: belts

The basic Brandy Melville overalls only need to add a belt, the style is completely different. Two-hole thick belt and cowboy, a cool girl feeling comes out immediately! If you want to bring some femininity in addition to retro, then the retro printed belt must be the best choice, neutral with a touch of girlish~ hurry up and take out your jumpsuit and a thick belt to try this amazing effect Bar╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

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