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How to choose between Card Holder, Coin Purse, or Leather Wallet ?

Fashion and Card Holder

A stylish card holder is a carefully chosen gift. It can be a virtual repository of your life, storing receipts, club cards, prom photos and other personal items, but don’t forget that it’s also an important accessory that determines your style and shows that you are who you are. If you want to buy a wallet or card holder and are not sure which one suits your needs best, you can choose whether you want a simple wallet for cash or other items, or just a few cards and perhaps a driving license.

Don’t forget to check out our accessories shop as well that have beautifully designed, handcrafted California wallets that are card holders with a practical and stylish surface that are perfect for your needs.

Cards storage efficiency

If you happen to be looking for a bigger organization and extra carrying capacity, you might want to consider carrying a bigger coin purse for cardholders. If your current wallet is simply not good enough to carry all the accumulated coupons you need, it’s time to give your wallet a break and transfer it ! And we have an option for that.

Another advantage of cardholders is that they really make it easier to decide which items are important enough to carry on a daily basis and which are not. Choosing it can really help you get ready for the really important things you need, and choosing smaller cardholders can be a great way to better structure and organize your personal collection of cards and other items.

Which one to choose : Card Holder, Coin Purse, or Wallet ?

It’s a tough choice indeed. Our leather bags can rapidly get stuffed with a lot of useless items, so we need to make a choice… But we have a good news ! Our leather wallets can decide most hesitant people in their buying decision ! This comfortably sleek and elegant wallet carries all kinds of personal items that you can store in your wallet. The mighty wallet is tight in storage, although frankly almost any would be enough and would save your wallets. 

The wallet has only four card slots, but you could easily put five cards in the left slot and slide two cards in and out of the slot without any problems. The wallet can hold up to 15 cards, with a hidden pocket on the back holding three cards. If the standard four-card slot is not quite enough for your card, you’ll find a little more space in your back pocket. 😀

I personally have both : A cardholder and a wallet to store everything I need. It is a great mix to better store your precious coupons !

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