1. Why there may be small scratches on the leather?

Respecting the imperfection of nature, we do our best to keep the natural cow leather features for crafting. To keep the originality of nature, our products are not perfect as if made by machines. They may contain small scars on the leather, the marks of life.

  1. Why the colour is not exactly like the pictures on the website?

For most products, we do a hand-dye effect on our unique concept. Therefore, even with the same style, slight colour differences may occur.

  1. What should I do to maintain my Kaillou handbag?

All Kaillou handbags are made from authentic cow leather and with solid hardware. Here are 5 points you may apply for daily usage:

  1. Please avoid exposure to water, oil or other liquid.
  2. Please avoid sharp objects to scratch the leather surface.
  3. Please avoid long time sunshine exposure.
  4. Please wipe the hardware if you are planning not to use your handbag for a long time to avoid oxidation. Store your handbag in the provided dust bag.
  5. Daily usage is the best way to maintain your handbag in good condition. Another tip that we recommend is applying classic hand cream or expired facial cream on your bag.
  1. Why does the leather’s color change after a time usage?

It is natural that the authentic leather colour changes over time. However, with daily usage and proper maintenance, your leather handbag will be unique.

  1. Why are handbags crafted on order?

We would like to show all clients our sincerity with a unique tailored service, therefore all handbags are limited and crafted on order.

  1. How long does it take to craft a bag?

All products from Kaillou are 100% handmade by our skilled crafters. Thus, plain-pattern handbags will take 5-7 days for crafting, and animal-carved handbags will take 15-18 days for tailored making.