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Why is hand-dyed leather unique?

The environment pollution and health problems always come up with leather dye.  Chemical is not only polluting the water but also harmful to our bodies. Such as skin irritation, make you itchy, and sore eyes when the skin is exposed to the chemicals. Also, I believe that we do care about workers’ health as well. Thus, the non-toxic dye could be the win-win way for all of us. 

At Kaillou, over 95% of our products are handcrafted with vegetable-tanned leather. It is a traditional and natural way, the extracts of tannic acids are totally natural from plants. Such as barks, leaves, and branches, etc. Thus this classic art is not only giving the leather an original color, but also the authentic smell of nature. Besides this, we also do hand-dye to provide more choices with our own mixing colors. We will briefly introduce the steps of leather color dye, here we go!

How to dye vegetable-tanned leather?

1.     Spray some water on the leather surface.

2.     Use the wool ball to dip color and brush on leather.

      # wool ball absorbs color dye better and makes the dyeing effect more natural.

3.     Brush the color on leather till evenly dyed.

4.     Dry the leather.

5.     Evenly apply some neatsfoot oil to make the leather in an oil balanced status.

6.     Apply specific cream to polish the leather.

7.     Apply color-protecting product.

Why vegetable-tanned leather?

  • Non-toxic to both environment and skin

As the extracts of tanning acids are from plants, thus this way is not harmful to the skin and eco-friendly to our earth. Vegetable-tanned leather is a good choice for those who suffer from related allergies.

  • Unique characteristics

As vegetable-tanned leather absorbs water and oil well, thus the color of leather will be darker (顏色變深)and the texture of the leather will be softer after a time of usage. Basically, the changes of color and texture depend on the time of usage, which makes every leather bag a unique, vintage and elegant one.

Left: after 7 months usage

Right: New

The hard texture of vegetable-tanned leather makes it perfect for special shapes and also more durable. 

Why are kaillou’s products special?

Besides we tailor all handbags, we also do hand-dye colors individually. Which means, all the colors can not be exactly the same due to different strength and moods from our craftsmen. 

Thanks to this natural tanning way, it gives the leather an authentic appearance with its original grains. We appreciate the marks of life, which is the philosophy of Kaillou, so we do not perfect all the leather with artificial ways. 

We would like to present a living art from human, but not cold mass productions. We spend days to handcrafts one handbag with a sincere and passionate heart. So we would like to invite our customers to feel the emotions of our products. 

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