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How to understand the 4 different leather types ?

Full Grain Leather

This is the type of leather that develops a beautiful patina over time and only becomes more beautiful with age. There are other leathers, too, such as wool leather, cotton, woollen fabric and even animal hide leather, to name just a few examples. The first layer, which is cut and split from cowhide, is called full grain leather. It has to protect the animal from the elements, but it is also a great source of proteins and proteins – rich material for the body and heart.

Our kaillou backpacks are made of full grain leather.

  • American Vintage Backpack
    American Vintage Backpack
    HKD $ 4,450.00
  • Unisex Backpack
    Unisex Backpack
    HKD $ 3,330.00
  • Backpack- Sapphire Blue
    Backpack- Sapphire Blue
    HKD $ 3,330.00

Top Grain Leather

The next layer will be Top Grain Leather, also known as embossed or corrective leather, which is still a high quality leather. However, this part of the leather also has the ability to heal scars, not behave and cause damage to the body. After the removal of the top layer, Top Grain Leather will have a more even surface, but not as durable as full grain leather. The top layers of the grain can be applied by sanding and polishing to eliminate imperfections.

Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather

Split Leather (or genuine Leather)

Genuine leather is typically a split-grain composite material, also known as real leather, with a high degree of durability. Both split leather and genuine leather are embossed with leather grains and usually have an artificial surface layer. Split leather is also used in the production of suede and is usually produced from the fibrous part of the skin that is left over after putting on – the grain leather has been cut and separated from the skin.

The strongest suede is usually made from grain suede, where the grains have been completely removed and the fruit slits have been shorned to the desired thickness. Suede has its moments of glory depending on the fashion trend and blurs on both sides, but can also have its moments of glory, depending on the fashion trend.

Genuine Leather

Bonded Leather

The leftover leather scraps, including dust chips, are produced by crushing the pulp and then glued to polyurethane or latex like fibreboard. There is no way to determine the content of organic leather material compared to chemicals, because manufacturers decide what they are telling you, which is very unlikely. It is obviously very cheap, but it is more expensive than other types of leather such as polyurethane or latex – such as fibreboards.

Make the right leather choice !

Choose our full grain leather. Our recommendation for today is on these accessories. Feel free to reach our if you have any questions on our products !

  • leather pouch
    Leather-trimmed Canvas Pouch
    HKD $ 420.00
  • Coin purse/ card case
    Coin purse/ card case
    HKD $ 300.00
  • Leather Card Holder
    Card case
    HKD $ 280.00
  • Summertime card holder
    Summertime card holder
    HKD $ 180.00
  • Leather Can-Secret Box
    Leather Can-Secret Box
    HKD $ 800.00
  • Leather Can-The Great Wave
    Leather Can-The Great Wave
    HKD $ 1,900.00
  • Small Things Pouch
    Small Things Pouch
    HKD $ 400.00
  • Skinny Leather Belt (Caramel)
    Skinny Leather Belt (Caramel)
    HKD $ 250.00
  • skinny belt lemon
    Skinny Leather Belt (Lemon)
    HKD $ 250.00
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