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Kaillou, a handmade leather brand, was founded in 2018. Our design is not only for people who are passionate and curious about this world but also for those who pursue a high-quality life with their special alternative taste. Respecting the imperfection of nature, we do our best to keep the natural cow leather features for crafting. To keep the originality of nature, our products are not as perfect as if made by machines. They may contain small scars on the leather, the marks of life.

We would like to show all clients our sincerity with a unique tailored service, therefore all handbags are limited and crafted on order.



The handbag texture will be softer after one-month wearing. We believe that it takes time for objects and people to fit each other. After a while carrying, you will be surprised by its gloss and texture.

With our high-quality material, we are proud and confident to show the back of the leather. So, normally handbags are without lining. Also, as we consider the weight of leather, we remove unnecessary compartments for some handbags.


Animal right is also our concern, so all leather from Kaillou is the discarded product from the food industry. We choose natural materials and try the best to keep its features.

Our first layer cow leather all come from The Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Italy and Horween in the USA. First layer cow leather is famous for its high quality: durability and rich texture.

The Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium produces traditional vegetable tanned leather which is tanned with natural tannins extract from trees. This eco-friendly procedure is not harmful to either our environment or skin. The high-quality leather is guaranteed with its quality trademark.

The leather from the hundred-year factory Horween is Chromexcel. It is based on vegetable tanning with chrome salts, to make leather soft, supple and durable. It requires high skills to reach the standard of Horween, which is uncompromising quality.

crafting material


To make sure the best quality, we use YKK zippers and mainly use solid brass hardware. We also use hardware from Swiss, Germany, and Japan for design purpose. To slow down the dull color of brass caused by oxidization, we glazed it with high temperature. However, we recommend a vintage look with oxidized brass.


All products from Kaillou are 100% handmade by our skilled crafters. Thus, plain-pattern handbags will take 5-7 days for crafting, and animal-carving handbags will take 15-18 days for tailored making.

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