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Our working ethics

craftmen workhsop

We deeply believe in one thing: products reflect craftsmen’s emotions.

We care about our staff and the quality of our products.

Thus, we would like to do everything to make sure every staff here works in a relaxing and joyful mood.

craftmen workhsop

Happiness matters

In our studio, we are free to wear anything comfortable while working. We are also free to listen to any kind of music: our leather cutter always plays rock upstairs while carvers play soft music downstairs.

After morning work, it’s time to have lunch. We let our staff decide on the menu, and hire a cooker to prepare their favorite food every day.

There are 3 sofas in our working places so that everyone can have a rest at any time.

We support moms

Currently, 90% of our staffs are moms. We provide professional training according to different positions. We would like to do our best to support moms, offer them a working opportunity in spare time.

Thus, our working hours start after sending kids to school and finish before kids leaving school.

We handcraft with heart

With our chill working environment and family atmosphere, everyone works happily here and handmade everything from the heart. We hope you will feel our love in the products.

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