Kaillou Personalised Handmade Leather Crafts

Handmade Leather Creations for our Customers

Welcome to our handmade leather crafts category ! We are now specializing in the animals crafts : Accessories, Bags, Wallets, and Smartphone Cases but but are open to other suggestions as well. Request a quote and our team will get back to you very shortly to discuss your order more in detail. We have a dedicated (multilingual) team especially for you ! We are mostly available on Facebook and What\’sApp :

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  • handmade leather bags

    Tailor yours!

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  • Tailored – Accessories (Pets)

    HKD $ 1,350.00
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  • Tailored – Leather Bags (Round, Pets)

    HKD $ 3,200.00
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  • Tailored – Smartphone Cases (Pets)

    HKD $ 1,400.00
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  • personalised leather wallet

    Tailored – Wallets (Pets)

    HKD $ 2,000.00
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Showing all 5 results