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Say goodbye to monotonous fashion


Say goodbye to monotonous fashion

“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

—Oscar Wilde

  • Clothing is a code, tells who we are.

Nowadays, clothing is not only for covering the body or keeping warm but also for an aesthetic purpose.  Clothing represents our belonging and identity. I guess no one will disagree on this.  Such as baggy T-shirt with a basketball jersey, definitely a classic rapper outfit style.

In Hong Kong, youths have their belonging groups. In campus, students like to wear their society T-shirt to show their belonging. Lolita fashion fans will wear some dresses influenced by Victorian fashion.

lolita fashion outfit

One thing is sure, we will not dress up something we do not really like. Take me as an example, I’m a boyish girl and I can’t accept girlish clothing, like lace dress. I feel so uncomfortable when I dress something really lady. And fortunately, our society is diverse today, any styles are welcome.

  •  Template fashion styles, mass-produced tastes

Once I was waiting for the traffic lights, five girls in front of me caught my eye. Specifically speaking, their monotonous fashion got my attention: similar sneakers, skirts, black tops, popular envelope purses.

I got confused at one moment, for me, they look like 5 displays with different names. You may think it is funny and ridiculous, but when you go on the street, you will realize that I’m not kidding.


ridiculous but a true scene

This phenomenon is not regional, but worldwide. I can’t remember since when fashion becomes monotonous. Maybe ever since the trend of sharing outfits on social networks? If we go on Instagram, type outfit, you will get tons of sharings. When you keep browsing, finally you will realize that fashion is templated now.

Generally, below are some popular fashion types.

In northern American countries, girls like to follow Kendall Jenner and Hadid sisters’ outfit style.


An out from under seamless bungee bodysuit + a jean skirt = perfect supermodel look


Vintage short sleeves with long sleeves inside + high-rise jeans = popular vintage stream on Instagram

In Europe, girls like the style as below


Hoodie + high-rise tight jeans + sneaks + big black tote bag = fashion kid

and the classic French style. Jeanne Damas is the most popular one in this branch.


Red lips + cardigan + high-rise wide leg jeans + small shoulder bag = classic elegant french

Move to Asia, there are mainly  styles:



T-shirt + shorts + long socks + sneakers = fashion Korean



Well-set hair + smart casual set + hoop earrings + shoulder bag = fashion and elegant Japanese

Hong Kong


Baseball hat + T-shirt + tight black jeans + sport shoes + a shirt around your waist = trendy kid

I do admit that imitating is a good way of studying everything. When I was a teenager, I had no idea about outfits. Fashion magazines gave me lots of ideas to imitate and study. Yup, it was not my style I admit, but at least it didn’t look ugly. Thank this, I started to find my own style by imitating.

  •  You decide fashion

However, as social media fast develops, monotonous fashion is killing diversity. We tend to choose popular items to show we caught the trend without focusing on our own styles anymore.

Girls are crazy about handbags, not only because handbags play an important role in their lives functionally, but also the essential detail to show your attitude in aesthetic. As outfits easily tend to be similar, so handbags are very important to show your life attitude.

If you are bored by popular handbags styles and searching for special alternative taste, you might be interested in this brand, Kaillou. Kaillou is a brand selling handmade leather accessories. They hand stitch all leather products, which makes every single one unique.

If you like 90’s vintage style, you may like this saddle bag:

saddle bag olive

If you are an animal lover and seeking for a special bag shape, you will definitely like this


If you prefer a modern style, here you go

hobo wine red

Okay, maybe you search for a special shape

mini duffle2

Making diverse fashion styles is Kaillou’s concept. They are doing a project: showing different fashions on one bag style. You may check their Instagram: kaillouhk for this project.

The world is visible, you are beautiful.

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