Tailor yours!

Introducing our personalised leather crafts!

We are very excited to present our tailored leather crafts services.

Feel free to send us your favorite pet and our craftsmen will tailor it for you.  Any details/precision on your order, please feel free to email us at : [email protected] with:

  • The desired product from our shop that you want to tailor.
  • Your (high quality picture) pattern to be hand-carved.
  • Details on pattern placement, style, customisation.
  • Phone number so that we can get in touch.

Check out our gallery and past orders from our customers HERE

Please note that:

  • Since all of our products are hand-carved and personalised with great care, delivery will take 15-20 days from order date.
  • We have suggested acceptable pictures and the result in the gallery.
  • Even though the models presented on Kaillou are for suggestion, you are free to order them.


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