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Strathberry Bags: Elegant Minimalistic Designs

Founded in 2013 and with a design worn by one of the world’s most famous women, Strathberry bags have managed to thrive in a growing market for middle-class handbags. Known for her firm, defined bags with a classic look and distinctive handwriting, these handbags have defined the brand’s reputation as a luxury brand for women of all ages.

The Scottish luxury accessories label has opened its first stand in London in the heart of Mayfair in November 2018, which acts as the brand’s London home, hosting events and showcasing unique product launches. The London debut store has complemented the company’s existing outlets, including its flagship store in Glasgow, as well as stores in New York, London and Paris. With this opening, Strathberry has created an elegant cross-body bag with the label’s signature fastening. With the launch of its new crocodile line, you can now define your classic look, unmistakable signatures and your corporate bag with a completely new design. 

Meghan Markles and strathberry bags

strathberry bags
Meghan Markles with Strathberry bags

The Strathberry bag, worn by the Duchess of Sussex, who has worn various styles such as the Midi Tote on official occasions, has strengthened the brand’s reputation as one of the most popular fashion brands in the UK. She could have also benefited from being outside a major fashion city. Strathberry bags is not the only handbag brand Meghan wears, some of her other favourites are even more affordable than Strathberries. Although Markle has worn designer brands, there is no doubt she can vouch for the quality and quality of the brand’s handbags and accessories.

We love the texture of these bags because you can wear it and feel so chic and luxurious. We like to wear it when out and and want to have hands free, and have no problem with using a long chain. It’s also great that there’s a detachable adjustable shoulder strap for the totes.

Kaillou Handmade Leather Bags Selection

Sure, we might not have the same popularity as Strathberry bags! However, we do believe our style is as unique and chic. Feel free to browse our store !

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