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The k11 Musea : a new fashion hub ?

k11 musea

The k11 Musea : concept and architecture

The K11 Musea is a unique museum, built to promote art and fashion at its core. Located on Hong Kong’s waterfront, it is a unique blend of modern design, blended with a celebration of art and culture, and an immersive experience primarily aimed at millennials. Its lighting has proved very popular, as the roof of the k11 Musea is essentially a brand new neighborhood in Hong Kong. The new museum aims to enrich the cultural experiences of its residents and visitors, provide a groundbreaking platform for artistic experimentation and creation, promote a diverse working and living environment and strengthen Hong Kong’s growing cultural network.

The museum also brings a lot of cultural content to a city whose legendary charm was lost in the late 1990s. The Hong Kong skyline never gets old, so take a stroll through the new museum, a new art, culture and entertainment district in Hong Kong.

New World Development announced on the 21st of June 2018 the development of the museum in Hong Kong. The team of architects, including David Pedersen & Associates and Ronald K. Wong Architects, has completed the construction of the world’s first purpose – an art and culture district in the Kowloon waterfront district. New World Development, the team behind it, said that the building has set the standard for the development of new art, cultural and entertainment projects in Asia. This new museum and retail complex is located on the corner of Yau Chai Road and Kew Street in a mixed use development with retail, office and residential uses, as well as a museum, retail and office space totalling 1.5 million square metres.

With two slides designed by Monstrum, this child-friendly space ensures that the K11 MUSEA offers an impressive experience for children and young people of all ages, from children from 5 years old to adults 65 years old and older. Sunksen Plaza also provides an intimate street environment for art, cinema and live music.

The k11 : A museum for global fashion ventures !

One of the main recent events was the K11 Antonia, as a global fashion venture. Founded in 1999 as an upscale accessory store by Antonia Giacinti, the range has quickly expanded to women’s clothing. Antonia Giacinti and Maurizio Purificato are co-founders of the company they lead, which is responsible for the development, production, marketing and distribution of a wide range of products.

co-founders Antonia Giacinti’s & Maurizio Purificato

In 2007, she and her partner Maurizio Purificato opened a menswear store on the street, and in 2013, the two boutiques merged, respecting their individuality and aesthetic vision. Today Antonia is responsible for the fashion and accessories business for men and women, which has developed over the years into one of the world’s leading fashion accessories shops for women and men.

the k11 store

Antonia Giacinti and Maurizio Purificato will remain in Macao, where they will export to China through the sprawling Antonia boutique that has opened in Macao. In 2020, Antona K11 (ANTONIA) will launch to create an unprecedented fashion experience for global millennials, reflecting the cultural experiences of retail and enriching consumers “daily lives with creativity, culture and innovation.

We think that the k11 Musea is definitely a go-to location to discover new creators and fashion ideas. Who knows, maybe kaillou will be there one day 🙂

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