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There is one thing to make you standing out from the crowd

skinny belt lemon

Fashion lovers spend a lot on clothing, handbags, accessories…

They look great in these items. But there is one little detail they have missed which is the most important part of an outfit. Let me give you a hint 🙂

Last time we talked about the 90s Hong Kong vintage fashion, and this little thing you can find basically in most vintage styles. Can you guess that now?

Okay, the answer is statement belt. It’s not surprising, right? Detail always plays the most important touch. Unlike jewelry and hairstyles, the belt is the most simple item to highlight your outfits.

During weekdays, I never have time in the morning for dressing. I just grab something from my closet to wear. Therefore, a T-shirt with jeans is always my best friends. But when I walk in the street and see those girls with stylish outfits, I tell myself that I will spend more time the next day on matching my outfits.

However….. as sleepy as usual and wearing literally something as usual.

I have the secret to make my usual outfit looks no usual. I can’t wait to tell you guys how amazing a belt is. Here we go!

Vintage Carved Belt (Caramel)

   Vintage Carved Belt (Caramel)

This outfit style takes the most important place in my life:) Because it is the easiest way to dress up and not look that bad. After wearing a belt, it makes this basic outfit more stylish and high-end.

skinny belt lemon

Skinny Leather Belt (Lemon)

If you are a cool girl, you may like these big belts to make your smart casual more eye-catching and stylish!

double hole belt

Double Hole Belt

Simple outfit + cute belt = unique you

Vintage Carved Belt (Olive)

Vintage Carved Belt (Olive)

This belt definitely makes this outfit more stylish and vintage!

If you’re not a big belt lover, you may consider these thin belts which make your outfit more lovely and elegant.

Skinny Leather Belt (Black)

Skinny Leather Belt (Black)

The eye-catching detail from this thin belt is the hardware.

The solid brass hardware makes this most simple T-shirt and jeans more interesting.

Skinny Leather Belt (Plum)

Skinny Leather Belt (Plum)

The skinny belt is definitely the best choice for dresses. It raises your waistline visually and shapes a good body figure.

Try a belt next time when you have no idea about your outfit. You will fall in love with it.

The world is visible, you are beautiful.

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