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Why use full grain leather for handmade bags ?

full grain leather

A marketing overview of genuine products vs full grain leather products.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between full grain skins and fake one? In this article we will look at the “genuine” scam and how it is produced, how it fills up against other types of skins. Before we explain what a “real leather” is, we will discuss what it is and what the differences between cowhide and split one are. 

If you google “Genuine Leather,” almost the entire first page repeats the same sentence: Genuine refers to a certain type of inferior skin. Did you know that the name includes the word “leather” to promote it- like the quality of the material? The term “real” is used because there is no technical pictogram to indicate that this is synthetic. These synthetic products have been around for about a hundred years and were developed as an inexpensive alternative to it. This means that it is obtained from animal skin can be called “real,” but it will not be of the highest quality available. This is just a marketing technique to sell goods as “real” when in reality it is just the cheapest way of producing fake goods.

Don’t be fooled by the manufacturers ! In the industry, clothing manufacturers use an icon that says “genuine” to indicate that the product meets the requirements of the genuine label but is not made of any other material. Those who sell high quality skins can therefore market it as genuine, although they know the enormous difference. A genuine product will certainly be more expensive than a synthetic product, and its cost will be repaid. We will see later in this article the difference between full grain skins vs genuine leather.

Fake skins (synthetic, bonded…)

Fake products are made from natural sources (e.g. from pineapple or mushrooms). It can also be a mixture of natural materials such as wood, wood chips and other materials, is marketed as “real.” It is used in skins treated with a hairy surface, for example leather from the industry or scraps from shops.  There are many people who think that bound is genuine, but when it actually contains only a small percentage of it. One might wonder, however, what difference it makes whether you do something and cover it with bonds or whether it is covered with bonds. 

full grain leather vs genuine leather
synthetic leather

In the worst case, there is something called synthetic leather fibers are glued to the back of crafts, so that it can be called leather. A piece of inferior skin, well labelled as genuine, glued together with glue and then varnished to look like a higher quality one. It can also be identified by its colour and texture, with weak skin parts all bonded and varnished, with or without glue, so that it looks like higher quality and vice versa. 

How to recognize full grain skins ?

When buying handmade leather bags, it is essential to spot the difference between fake and full grain skins to know what you are buying, as a customer. There are several ways to know whether your crafts are made of genuine or not. Most people understand it contains any kind of animal skins, including from animals such as sheep, goats, cows, horses, pigs, sheep and goats (although only a small percentage of the skins are produced). If you find a vintage leather item that looks good, there is a chance it is made of high quality skins. Let us explain what it is for backpacks and accessories for you to better understand the differences !

One of the best products to recommend is full grain animal skins card case. With a firm texture and durable in time, they will perfectly match all your outfits with a classy touch.

  • Coin purse/ card case
    Coin purse/ card case
    HKD $ 300.00
  • Summertime card holder
    Summertime card holder
    HKD $ 180.00
  • Business Card Holder Case
    Business Card Case
    HKD $ 320.00
full grain leather card
Kaillou full grain card – flexible yet resistant !


This is the primary layer that is cut/separated from the rawhide.It is the most premium skin. That is the best grade of calfskin and the strongest part since it protected the creatures from all the insects. It is additionally the most costly piece, and that is the part that we use to make our delightful kaillou handmade bags Hong Kong, wallet and purse, pencil cases, or very good quality backpacks.

This is the sort of cowhide that will build up a lovely patina after some time and will just turn out to be more resistant with age. As a matter of fact, this piece of the cowhide will likely show ‘blemishes, for example, scars, bug bites, wrinkles, veining, and so on which are all normal attributes of Full grain Leather, and that is actually what gives it that extraordinary, unique look.

Our Vintage backpacks are made of original full grain leather, check out our store !

full grain leather
  • American Vintage Backpack
    American Vintage Backpack
    HKD $ 4,450.00
  • Unisex Backpack
    Unisex Backpack
    HKD $ 3,330.00
  • Backpack- Sapphire Blue
    Backpack- Sapphire Blue
    HKD $ 3,330.00

That’s it for today! Feel free to browse our store as well, dozens of full grain leather products for your selection.

  • The Doctor's Bag
    The Doctor's Bag
    HKD $ 1,000.00
  • The mini
    The Mini
    HKD $ 670.00
  • Baguette Shoulder Bag(Avocado Green)
    Baguette Shoulder Bag (Avocado Green)
    HKD $ 1,650.00
  • Mini Shoulder Bag (Black)
    Mini Shoulder Bag (Black)
    HKD $ 880.00
  • Mini doctor's bag dark brown
    Mini Doctor’s Bag (Dark Brown)
    HKD $ 760.00
  • Mini Doctor's Bag (Honey)
    Mini Doctor’s Bag (Honey)
    HKD $ 760.00
  • American Vintage Backpack
    American Vintage Backpack
    HKD $ 4,450.00
  • Mini Shoulder Bag (Honey)
    Mini Shoulder Bag (Honey)
    HKD $ 880.00
  • Tote Shoulder Bag- Lemon
    Tote Shoulder Bag- Lemon
    HKD $ 1,150.00
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