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[Announcement] COVID-19 Discount on Leather Crafts

Dear customers, Considering the recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to start a special discount campaign to support our customers. A 20% discount will be applied to all goods from our shop until further notice with the code KAI20 (one code per customer). UPDATE 31.05.2020 Promotion Ended. Many thanks to all our […]


The Impact of the COVID-19 on the Apparel Industry

The COVID-19 is without a doubt the worst crisis since the world has known for the past 100 years. The handmade leather crafts /clothing/textile industry is at the front line, and the demand for goods is rapidly decreasing over time. For instance, in April, the market had 31% of global orders canceled on average, according […]


The history of leather: From skins to leather crafts

Leather appeared a thousand years before our era throughout the Neolithic period. This era of prehistory is marked by the sedentarization of man based on agriculture and livestock rearing.  The prehistoric man worked with skins, barks, and leaves, and discovered vegetable tanning. Rotting skins are used to build sophisticated garments and tools. The discovery of […]

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The vegetable tanning process explained for leather bags

Why vegetable-tanned leather? This is a misjudgment that vegetable-tanned leather is vegan. Actually, vegetable-tanned leather refers to the way of tanning which literally means using vegetable tanning leather. It is a historical, traditional and organic way. Here, I will briefly introduce the process of how to make vegetable-tanned leather. STEP 1 First, as we know, […]


Why is hand-dyed leather unique?

The environment pollution and health problems always come up with leather dye.  Chemical is not only polluting the water but also harmful to our bodies. Such as skin irritation, make you itchy, and sore eyes when the skin is exposed to the chemicals. Also, I believe that we do care about workers’ health as well. […]

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Our working ethics

We deeply believe in one thing: products reflect craftsmen’s emotions. We care about our staff and the quality of our products. Thus, we would like to do everything to make sure every staff here works in a relaxing and joyful mood. Happiness matters In our studio, we are free to wear anything comfortable while working. […]

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There is one thing to make you standing out from the crowd

Fashion lovers spend a lot on clothing, handbags, accessories… They look great in these items. But there is one little detail they have missed which is the most important part of an outfit. Let me give you a hint 🙂 Last time we talked about the 90s Hong Kong vintage fashion, and this little thing […]


Say goodbye to monotonous fashion

Say goodbye to monotonous fashion “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” —Oscar Wilde Clothing is a code, tells who we are. Nowadays, clothing is not only for covering the body or keeping warm but also for an aesthetic […]

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Hong Kong 90s Fashion

Hong Kong 90s Fashion   I guess many of you will be surprised when you see the title. Hong Kong may not be as famous as Paris, but it has had its unique fashion styles. Hong Kong is an international city that has been influenced by both western and Chinese culture at the same time […]

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